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Find your future career path in our startup ecosystem or optimize and grow your winning team by taking care of your recruitment needs, employer branding, candidate experience in order to build your own high performing team. Our YES!Talents team is at your service, whether you are the talent or seeking talent.

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Startup Jobs for Talents

We connect you to the startup in our YES!Delft ecosystem. Are you the talent our startups are looking for and are you enthusiastic about working in an entrepreneurial rapid changing environment? A startup job might be the right thing for you. Not only can we help by introducing you to your potential new employer, but we also have an interactive ecosystem with various events where we bring talents and startups together.

Match your talents and ambitions with our startups
Get a direct introduction with one of the YES!Delft startups
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Founding Team

There is a reason why people don’t climb Mount Everest on their own. With a team, you can overcome obstacles that seem impossible just by yourself. Research over the past four decades has shown that startups that are co-founded by a team are more successful.

Meet like-minded entrepreneurial people
Learn every secret about team dynamics
Find the perfect co-founder to start your company with
Join our CO-LAB Workshop

Startup Jobs for Startups

We connect you to the people who fit within your company culture and bring your business to the next level. Not only can we help by broadening your online reach with regards to your vacancies via various channels, but we also have a broad network available of high potentials seeking an opportunity at a startup.

Recruit the dream team for your startup
Find the best talents for your tech startup
Get access to the YES!Talents list.
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Talent Academy

The YES!Talent Academy offers workshops and masterclasses where you can learn how to structure and optimize your recruitment strategy, onboarding plan and retention tactics. With a structured approach we will help steer you towards a well functioning human resource strategy that works for your organisation.

Build your team of A-players
Increase your team diversity and strategic balance
Enhance your teams personal development and set your team culture
Evaluate your team composition
Learn more about our workshops

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YES!Talents is here to help you find and build your dream team, optimize your HR practices and connect. Interest to learn how we are able to assist you, let us know by filling out the form on the left.

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